Indian National Congress Sessions from 1885 to 1947

Important Sessions of Congress | 1885 to 1947

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1. 1885, Bombay:

President: WC Banerjee
Related Facts: Held at Golakdas Tejpal Sanskrit Patshala, Bombay. Earlier the session was to be held at Poona but the venue was shifted dye to the outbreak of Cholera at Poona. Attended by 72 Delegates.

2. 1887, Madras:

President: Badruddin Tyabji
Related Facts: Fist session to be presided over by a Muslim President.

3. 1888,  Allahabad

President: George Yule
Related Facts: First Session to be presided over by an English Man

4. 1889, Bombay

President: William Wedderburn
Related Facts: A committee on Indian National Congress was endorsed.

5. 1890, Calcutta

President: Phersozeshah Mehta
Related Facts: Kadambini Ganguly the first woman graduate of culcutta university addressed the session.

6. 1907, Surat

President: Rash Behari Ghosh
Related Facts: The session witnessed the split between the modeates and the extremists. The candidate of extremist at this session who lost the presidential election was Lala Lajpat Rai.

7. 1911, Culcutta

President: Bishan Narayan Dhar
Related Facts: National Anthem was sung for the first time.

8. 1917, Calcutta

President: Annie Besant
Related Facts: Fist Woman president. She gave fist flag to congress, Green and Red.

9. 1919, Amritsar

President: Motilal Nehru
Related Facts: Resignation of moderates like SN Banerjee.

10. 1924, Belgaum

President: Mahatma Gandhi
Related Facts: The only session where Gandhi was the president.

11. 1925, Kanpur

President: Sarojini Naidu
Related Facts: Fist Session to be presided by Indian woman.

12. 1928, Calcutta

President: Motilal Nehru
Related Facts: First All India Youth Congress came into existence return of Gandhi to active politics after 6 years.

13. 1929, Lahore

President: Jawahar Lal Nehru
Related Facts: Poorna Swaraj Resolution; Congress working Committee authorized to launch CDM. Nehru report got a decent burial.

14. 1931, Karachi

President: Vallabhbhai Patel
Related Facts: Resolution on Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy Pt Jawaharlala Nehru drafted the resolution on FR.
- Gandhi Irwin Pact

15. 1937, Faizpur

President: Jawaharlal Nehru
Related Facts: -  Fist session to be held in village.
                       -  Demanded the formation of a Constituent Assembly.
                       -  Adoption of an Agrarian Programme.

16. 1938, Haripura

President: Subhash Chandra Bose
Related Facts: National Planning Committee was set up under the chairmanship of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

17. 1939, Tripuri

President: Subhash C Bose, after defeating Pattabhai Sitaramayya
Related Facts: Resignation of Subhash C Bose and formation of Forward Block.

18. 1946, Merrut

President: Acharya JB Kriplani
Related Facts: He was the President of Congress when India achieved independence.

19. 1947, Delhi

President: Rajendra Prasad
Related Facts: Indian Got Independece