GA Questions Asked in DDA ASO Exam

Hello Friends,
DDA ASO Exam was conducted today. Below are some GA questions asked in the exam::
Source: Qmaths

Ø  Article 356- State Emergency
Ø  Where was  brexit referendum held- uk
Ø  Shivajiraj Gaekwad is the second name of- Rajini kanth
Ø  Diffusion Example - burning of incense stick
Ø  What is Mariana Trench – Deepest point in Pacific Ocean.
Ø  8th schedule of Indian constitution consist of- 22 languages
Ø  Which countries lost in WW2 -Germany,Japan,Italy
Ø  Which of these is an Operating System
Ø  Kalaryipayattu belongs to which state – Kerala
Ø  Who is father of pentium chip - Vinod dham
Ø  Who has been nominated for oscar maximum no. of times- Meryl Streep
Ø  Founder of Google - Larry page
Ø  Kenaru humpy associated with which field - chess
Ø  Theme of  How to kill a mockingbird- racism
Ø  Drukair airline is in which country- bhutan
Ø  Vinegar  is also known - acetic acid 
Ø  Uttarakhand capital - Dehradun
Ø  True about president of USA- can be elected only 2 times.
Ø  Where will the next Olympic be held -Tokyo
Ø  Contour lines - measures elevation
Ø  Gautam Buddha first Sermon-Sarnath
Ø  Recently Chile won which football Season - Copa America 2016

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