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1. INTREPID - resolutely fearless;

dauntless - FEARLESS

2. ABROGATE - repeal or do away with (a

law, right, or formal agreement) -


3. DEFERENCE - polite submission and

respect - RESPECT

4. COVENANT - agree by lease, deed, or

other legal contract - CONTRACT

5. OBNOXIOUS - extremely unpleasant -


SO (AUDIT), 2001

6. PROLIFERATE- increase rapidly in

number; multiply / cause (cells, tissue,

structures, etc.) to reproduce rapidly -


7. PARADOX - a seemingly absurd or

contradictory statement or proposition

which when investigated may prove to

be well founded or true - PUZZLE

8. COLOSSAL - extremely large or great -


9. INCEPTION - the establishment or

starting point of an institution or

activity - ORIGIN

10. GRANDEUR - splendour and

impressiveness, especially of

appearance or style - MAGNIFIENCE

SO (AUDIT), 2003

11. TRAMP - a person who travels from

place to place on foot in search of work

or as a vagrant or beggar - WANDERED

12. CONSIGNEE - the person or company

to whom goods or documents are

officially sent or delivered - NOMINEE

13. INFATUATION - an intense but short-
lived passion or admiration for

someone or something - PASSION

14. BEAUTIFUL - pleasing the senses or

mind aesthetically - HANDSOME

15. MOMENTOUS - of great importance

or significance, especially in having a

bearing on future events -


16. QUIVER - tremble or shake with a

slight rapid motion / a slight trembling

movement or sound, especially one

caused by a sudden strong emotion -


17. ADULATION - excessive admiration or

praise - FLATTERY

18. CONTEMPLATION - the action of

looking thoughtfully at something for a

long time - MEDITATION

19. DILIGENT - having or showing care and

conscientiousness in one's work or


20. CENSURE - express severe disapproval

of (someone or something), especially

in a formal statement - CRITICZE

SO (AUDIT), 2005

21. FATAL - causing death - DEADLY

22. DOLEFUL - expressing sorrow;

mournful - MOURNFUL

23. GRUFF - rough and low in pitch -



24. FIDELITY - faithfulness to a person,

cause, or belief, demonstrated by

continuing loyalty and support -


25. INFRUCTUOUS - fruitless, unprofitable

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